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  1. WhittleBurner's Avatar

    It took a while but Koda finally stopped looking for Molly at your site. He's looking forward to barking hello to Molly and you 2 soon.
  2. Justaguy's Avatar
    Nice blog entry. Good luck in Fl. Ya'all are welcome to come back to Texas anytime.
  3. LCBoyer's Avatar
    It was nice visiting with y'all at the rally. We are already looking forward to next year
  4. kevinpo's Avatar
    Awesome pictures! I used to have blonde colored Golden Retriever named Shane born in 1981. Best dog I ever had. He lived almost 13 years. I love dogs but I just can't bring myself to get another one. It was just too painful loosing him. Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks like a wonderful time.

  5. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Yippee for the star patient, she deserves the trip. After all , Molly went through camping withdrawal right with you.
    See all​ of you at the rally!
  6. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Sounds like a good time had by all. Molly must of been a happy girl getting that swim in.
    Curious , TX vs Fl for snowbirding. For the time you were there it sounds like you kept busy. Would a long term stay keep you busy enough or do you think boredom would set in?

    Our socially dysfunctional dog went to Mollys favorite beach (Brohard) and did quite well. It was a busy day there with lots and lots of dogs. Only barked at 2 dogs and 1 person, big achievement for him. He even got his feet wet!
  7. Justaguy's Avatar
    Looks like you guys made it back OK...sure was good to meet you two. I hope you had few problems. Thanks again for the tip on the propane auto switch-over valve. If we make it out to the east coast in 2017 we will slide by and share a beer.
  8. 2hams's Avatar
    Dave - it was the most clear weather I've seen on the parkway in 15 or 20 years, sure made for pretty pictures.

    Ken - yes, we ate a Edelweiss near Staunton, and it was very good. We stayed at the Walnut Hills KOA with a group on one of the monthly camping trips from Southern RV in Richmond.

  9. Lingerlonger's Avatar
    German Restaurant -- perhaps Edelweiss Restaurant, Exit 213 on I-81 near Staunton?
    We had a great meal there late last summer on our way back to MD from the gathering at Anchor Down.

  10. Dave and Monica's Avatar
    Nice photos Kay!

  11. TucsonJim's Avatar
    That would have been a nice visit. Are you folks headed to the rally this year?
  12. Paul Bakeman's Avatar
    2hams, do U do 2m or 70 if so, tell your call and which freq, will try to reach you coming in IND.
    Paul KI6RIV
  13. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    I hope that long trip didn't stress either of you out lol. We go close to home just to get away and chill sometimes.
  14. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Hey! We enjoyed out visit but time did go by fast. Molly looks like you guys tuckered her out playing in the ocean.
    We'll be parked in Bradenton next winter for a 3 to 4 month stay, along with the 3 dogs. Arriving just before new years eve.
    I think we're pretty much done with sub zero winters and crappy cold wet springs.
    Thinking about trying AZ for the 2017 winter season
  15. TucsonJim's Avatar
    We're going to hit Glacier this summer too. Probably in early July. I haven't been there in 20 years, so my memory of the park is a little dim.
  16. 2hams's Avatar
    Gary and Marcy - Glad to hear you are as happy with your rig as we are with ours. Your trip west sounds great. I have yet to plan anything beyond Anchor Down in June, but hope to get to Glacier this year or next.

    You also have a great holiday.

    Molly says thanks for the treat and belly rub.
  17. 2hams's Avatar
    Justaguy - Our rig is holding up just fine. The thermostat got flaky (switching hi to low fan on A/C) which didn't hinder heating or cooling. It was replaced at the rally. We have not filled all the storage, and are still moving some things around. Each time out it just gets more comfortable. We are looking forward to spending some time in Florida this winter.
  18. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Our year is approaching soon too. Mid Jan is ours. We managed to put on several thousand miles towing even with getting the late start we did. So far so good. A few minor glitches but overall the trailer has been fantastic!!
    Next year we'll do the trip that got cancelled this year and head west, with the addition of sneaking into Canada from Glacier and head to Jasper National Park. We're thinking 3 to 4 Months out meandering about
    on the road. .The camera will get a huge work out.

    You 2 have a great Christmas and New-year. Maybe we'll see you at the next rally (we'll add that to the trip as we head home) . We'll be well on our way west so won't make it to Anchor Down in June.

    Give Molly a treat and a big belly rub for us!!
  19. Justaguy's Avatar
    Nice, real nice. How is the rig holding up for you guys?
  20. CentralMichBo's Avatar
    Nice Recap!! We have relatives who live in St. Ignace - they always tell us "we live where you like to vacation". Michigan has a lot of scenic places. Can't wait for retirement so we can visit other states in detail like that.
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