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  1. partsguy009's Avatar
    I've used the same method over the last 10 year's and knock on wood have not had any issues.


    Normal Flush Steps: Helps keep hose clean.
    1) Black Tank
    2) Grey Tank

    Final Flush Steps:
    1)Black Tank "Leave Open"
    2) When you hear a trickle turn on Black Tank Flush
    3) Grey Tank "Leave Open"
    4) Flush Grey Tank
    5) Turn everything off wait for all to drain, close tanks and follow chems below.

    Black Tank: I add at least 8oz of Aqua-Kem by Thetford after every dump plus 1-2 gallons of water through the toilet. On final dump before breaking camp I run the black tank flush for a good 5 minutes with the tank trap open. Once completely drained i close the trap and add 8oz of Aqua-Kem, 4oz of Murphy Oil Soap and 3-4 gallons of water. This solution allows the tanks and sensors to be washed while being towed.

    Hint- Water helps the medicine go down..

    Grey Tank: I follow the same procedure as the Black Tank except you need to run all your faucets including your shower to fully flush the grey, no hose hookup for flushing. I use Grey Water Oder from Thetford and still use the 8oz plus water after normal flushes but add the Murphy Oil Soap after final flush.

    Hint- DO NOT place food or drinks down your sinks, bacteria will cause bad oders.

    Hope you find this helpful.....RVing should be fun and smell good
  2. Brent M's Avatar
    Good tips! We never really bothered with being selective on the TP we used, but it's critical to have enough liquid I believe. A couple other things I did. After flushing, hook outside shower to black cleaning outlet and run black tank jets on hot water for a couple minutes. This rinses the empty black with hot water. Then close black tank and run jets for another minute or two. While running, put dishwashing liquid into toilet and flush it down into tank. This leaves warm water in tank with dishwashing liquid to slosh around as we move to the next location. I've never really concerned myself with adding soap to the gray tank, but certainly a gallon or two of water as well. Grays get dishwashing liquid and/or liquid soap. I think I'm going to change to keeping the tanks closed now that I know our galley will be separate from the shower. Love hearing what others do.
  3. Capen's Cottage's Avatar
    Hey CentralMichBo, It was great meeting you and yes we hope our paths cross again. We are currently in Rapid City, SD on our tour of the west. So far, Michigan, UP, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and now South Dakota. We are working our way back to AZ for the winter but will go through WY, UT, NV before getting back to AZ.
  4. Renee's Avatar
    "I have Good Sam Road Side Assistance, I'll just call them. Well, what a waste of time that was!! "

    Great story Dean!
    So sorry to hear about Good Sam Road Side Assistance....we have them too. I had hoped that they would have done more for you. I'm guessing now they're only good for flats, out of gas, and minor stuff like this.
  5. Sandi's Avatar
    Dean and Cindy!! Had no idea this happened to you guys! Not a great way to end up a fabulous trip!! Thank goodness for duct tape! Hope to meet up with you guys in the near future!!
  6. TucsonJim's Avatar
    Wow. Great story. I actually used duct tape on a duct one time!
  7. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    What would the world do without duct tape. Sure saved your day!
  8. Dave and Monica's Avatar
    To quote Red Green...the handyman's secret weapon, duct tape!

    Glad it worked out for you and that you had no issues with your 337.

  9. Justaguy's Avatar
    Hey Cap'n,

    Thanks for the info! We left MI a couple of weeks ago. We did go to Mack Island, Soo and Rogers City. We went across the UP. Man, what a great time. We stayed at Jack Pine Lodge RV Park up there. In talking with the owners and managers, I got to see some pictures of your winter fun. What a blast! We may have to give it a go one of these Winters. You really crossed that lake on a snowmobile to Mackinaw Island!? ---cajones'!
  10. CaptMike's Avatar
    Hey Justaguy. Why wouldn't you want to be in Northern Michigan in the winter? It's great up here then also! We rode our snowmobiles out to Mack Island last winter, first time for me. Lots of fun stuff to do in the winter. We plan on camping in our Reflection in January and February as we keep the camper set up at our spot at Canada Creek Ranch. Great spot for snowshoeing and skiing also....I'm probably too late answering you, but if you're still in the area a bike ride around the Island is a must. 119 over by Cross Village is fantastic, but even better in the fall. And you have to get to the Soo Locks or Rogers City to check out those Ore Freighters! Maybe if you're lucky you'll get to see the Str Cason J Callaway ( my boat)......
  11. CentralMichBo's Avatar
    Hey Capen's Cottage - good to hear you are still in the area!! We met up with you at Saginaw Bay Resort in Standish. It was so nice to meet and talk with you - I really hope our path's cross again.
  12. Capen's Cottage's Avatar
    We spent a week there at the height of Mosquito season which wasn't the best time to be at Jack Pine. Quite by accident we met a couple whom we had met in Arizona last winter (2013 -14) reminding us of what a small world this is. The Campground is nice and the owner is wonderful. The Retro-Bar/Grill serves good food and reasonably priced. If you are looking for a place to get caught up on your email, tv, or have nice conversations with your friends and family then you are in the wrong spot - Justaguy has it right, no phone, tv, or internet. It is a great spot however to put you between the upper UP and the lower UP and there's a lot to do all around you. If you are in there area make plans to stop and stay a while.
  13. CaptMike's Avatar
    That's a coincidence, we are going by that campground in the Soo right now. Lots of campers up here, and I also see a Reflection over there! We will also be going by the Algonac State Park tomorrow afternoon. I find myself looking for Reflections and Solitudes at all of these parks now....
  14. CentralMichBo's Avatar
    CaptMike - We spent two weeks in the UP last fall hitting Indian Lake, McClain, Muskellonge and ended up at the private park next to the hydro plant in the Soo watching you guys go past for about four days! Headed to Wilderness State park on Wed for a long weekend and then in Sept we are thinking about the Castle Rock campground for a week (after the rally of course).
  15. Justaguy's Avatar
    I love that area....I would like to go back for some winter fun. It looks like everyone has a blast
  16. CaptMike's Avatar
    We used to tent camp just up the road from the Jack Pine on the Indian River. Glad to see the Jack Pine is still doing well. That is a great area. We too love the UP and will be up there for our "shakedown" cruise in September. Indian Lake is first on our list, followed by the Porkie's and then our favorite spot- a week or two in Copper Harbor.
  17. dloase's Avatar
    Sounds all too familiar. I know there are parks that I won't be back to use because of this very thing.
  18. Justaguy's Avatar
    Sometimes I let it eat at me because they know what they are doing. Once you get there it is too late to try and find someplace else. You have to laugh and try to ask more questions the next time. This place billed itself as a Luxury RV Park with this and that. There are many amenities but they are not for the regular folks. They never mention a word until you sign in.
  19. Boomer's Avatar
    I think that some of these things are actually both! They mislead us by telling a lie. We were 1000 miles away from home in LaConner WA with reservations at a TT. We are not members and found out that they have a special area for "non-members". But we lucked out as their season had not started yet so they gave us a good spot. We later found out that the general public spots only had water and electricity and are on dirt and are so close that you can hear your neighbors conversation. Moral of the story is read as many CG reviews and ask as many questions as possible before making reservation.
  20. mandolin57's Avatar
    Justaguy....laughing...not at you, with you! In our case...I would have been the one pitching the fit, and my husband would have said...let it go. :) It's good we have at least one with a voice of reason!
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