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  1. TucsonJim's Avatar
    Ginnie had a good visit with the cardiologist. He has to take meds for her heart now, but no surgery or intervention required. She's been given a green light for physical activity and more camping! It looks like we're heading towards the Four Corners area (Moab) in October.
  2. 2hams's Avatar
    Glad that you are home safe and sound. Wishing you the best on the doctor visit.
  3. Jahna's Avatar
    Glad you are home safe and sound. Hope the Dr visit goes well with your wife.
  4. mandolin57's Avatar
    For those of us following your travels over the last months.....we're glad you're safe at home and hope that there are no major issues with your wife. Thanks for the blogs and all the "fixes" along the way! Hoping to get our chance soon. Take care!
  5. mageorge's Avatar
    Jim, sorry to hear abt your wife, those issues are tough to hear while you are traveling. We are headed to Houston on Monday - I spent 4 months there a couple years ago having a bone marrow transplant. Get her well and we'll see you on the road soon again.
  6. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear the trip is being cut short, but it's for the best . You 2 have had a long enjoyable time. Hope all goes well for your wife.
  7. TucsonJim's Avatar
    Okay, now it's really getting hot. Here in Houston it's 101 degrees with 50% humidity at our location along the San Jacinto River. We have the awning out and all the blinds closed. The A/C is working it's heart out. I've closed off the vents in the bathroom and bedroom, so that more air will come into the living room/kitchen. I've also closed the doors to the bath and bedroom. I'll open those up when it gets dark out. The A/C is maintaining 80 degrees which is quite comfortable since it's also dehumidifying the air. We set up a fan on the hutch to get even more air moving. If this is the worst Mother Nature can throw at us, we won't need to purchase that second A/C. I don't think I'd like it anyway due to the added height it would make the rig.
  8. TucsonJim's Avatar
    Actually, I'm a heat lover. I don't mind 100 plus temps. It is humid here, but the single A/C is working remarkably well. I guess the dual pane windows play a big part. It's 90 out and very humid this morning, but it's 72 inside the rig. There is a constant stream of water pouring off the roof from the A/C sucking out the humidity. Really appreciate the phone number.
  9. Justaguy's Avatar
    Dang! Sorry to hear that.

    You still have a "fer piece" to get back to Tuscon. I was going to ask you about visiting Houston. . . in the Summer! You were asking for a whippin'. That place is like a sauna and the hotter it gets there the MORE humid it gets-- weird.

    You'll be passing through our neck of the woods...if you need anything, don't hesitate...will pm a phone #.

    We have been back a week and the heat is killing me...Red River, NM is calling my name. The high there yesterday was 67, 36 when they woke up!

    Will be interested in hearing about how you deal with that clogged valve.
  10. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    I've been reading along too, thinking this would of been us too if things had happened differently this summer. So I'm really enjoying seeing someone else making the best of a long journey.
  11. lajones's Avatar
    I've been reading along with your trip and it sounds like a grand adventure! We are north of Baton Rouge so if you stop anywhere near let us know, we can meet for dinner or something.
  12. 2hams's Avatar
    Glad you are having a good trip!
  13. Justaguy's Avatar
    Keep on keepin' on.
  14. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Sounds like it's been a nice trip so far, glad you're getting the awning taken care of. Keep on having a great trip for the rest of the miles.
  15. Justaguy's Avatar
    Great news!
  16. TucsonJim's Avatar
    We're staying at the Shipshewana South RV Park. I'm hoping the repairs will be speedy and we can get some time to sight see and buy some of the local products.
  17. Justaguy's Avatar
    Man, I sure hate to hear about those problems with the fridge. We are keeping an eye on ours. Let us know what the rep says.

    Where are ya staying? The Amish countryside is sure beautiful there and the produce is outstanding. We got several 2 and 3 pound tomatoes from the stands on the side of the road.
  18. 2hams's Avatar
    Sounds like you had a good time. We don't have 4WD and worry about getting stuck. We did get stuck in our storage facility, but not so bad that I wasn't able to give a good push on the front of the truck and Dave backed it out. We have a new storage place now.
  19. CentralMichBo's Avatar
    Sounds like a nice venue. We're supposed to hear Jason Aldean at Indy this year. We had the same thing happen to us camping in a field for the Indy 500 - only there were no tractors to pull any of us out. We resorted to about 50 young men pushing - got the job done! What a mess though. Glad you had a successful trip.
  20. Renee's Avatar
    Looking forward to hearing about your journeys and adventures Jim!
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