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  1. Maiden Voyage

    Hello fellow Blogger's
    I have received some spot on advice from some of you thank you much.
    This will be my 3rd unit 2020 GDRV Solitude 390RK.
    First time pulling a fifth wheel with a new F450 Dually.
    First trip from Brunswick Ga to Dunlap TN R&R Campground. Like y'all i been to a few campgrounds. I usually do reviews on as i really appreciate peoples comments immensely.
    If any of you find yourself in vicinity please contact me. ...

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  2. Gas mileage for new ford 7.3 liter engine pulling 5th wheel

    I am thinking of getting a Ford gas engine with 7.3 Liter 10 speed transmission (either 250 or 350) to pull my 2021 Reflection 303RLS. I wanted to stay with gas instead of diesel if it is economical. I know diesel gets better gas mileage, but this new 7.3 has some potential! Does anyone have some experience with Ford's new Godzilla engine?
  3. Hydraulic solutioning

    We're in a 5er with 6 point hydraulic jacks and three hydraulic slides (one electric slide) and we encountered a puzzling situation where our jacks would always retract when we pulled in the hydraulic slides, sometimes a little, mostly fully retract. Then the mid and back jacks stopped moving at all unless manually manipulated. Hydraulic fluid was at the appropriate level. Then the 5er would not really auto-level at all. All voltages good and no shorts detected. Many hours on customer support calls ...

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  4. Two Parks in Kentucky: Georgetown and Louisville South KOA

    I'm going to try to capture notes for two parks in Kentucky in one post...mostly coz I'm lazy.

    Georgetown - Whispering Hills: Only here 1 week
    Summary: This is mostly a gravel parking lot with hook-ups. There are some pretty decent spots if you are a travel-trailer but even then it get's packed on weekends and can be challenging to navigate with big rig.
    - The young people that checked us in (ages 14-16 I'm guessing) were quite friendly and helpful (but ...

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  5. Awesome remote park with great wifi and ultimate hosts: Lynchburg/Blue Ridge KOA

    Beautiful park in the woods, but only 20 mins to Food Lion, Walmart, Advanced Auto. Hosts and staff are amazing, very friendly and the most engaged we’ve ever seen and service is top-notch - they deliver packages, mail, wood, propane and even RV materials when I changed out my hot water anode! They installed more Wifi antennas around the park and I was able to get 27Mbps download and 4 Mbps fairly consistently – which is top speed for any park thus far across the country. There are plenty of activities ...
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