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  1. Norcold - Is this normal ops??

    I don't believe my Norcold 2118 is operating properly. The latest example I have follows.

    I did a bunch of cooking and was in and out of the refrigerator in the process. As expected, the temperature inside went up. The highest was about 50 degF. To check the temp I'm using a digital thermometer that is accurate to +/- 2 degs, an analog thermometer in a glass of water and another free standing analog thermometer. Occasionally using a digital thermometer I use to check the temperature ...
  2. Is this a common dealership tactic ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Denisf View Post
    Presently in the early stage of negotiation for a 2020 imagine. I told the sales person that I was willing to seal the deal if they come down $3000 from their advertised price. He is now asking for a “refundable” $1000 deposit before he asks the sale manager to consider my offer. I have to say that I’m disappointed with this practice and strongly considering walking away from these guys. What’s your take on this ?
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  3. License plate bracket?

    Okay I'm new to this and my new Grand Design unit but, the plate bracket is flush to the back of my trailer? How is one suppose to attach a plate when you can't get a nut behind the bracket? Am I missing something here?
  4. Solitude Clear Plastic square tube under bed

    We found this clear plastic square tube under our bed in our solitude 372WB-R, anyone know what it is for? 6112D66D-007C-4E58-A3B5-2E080296503E.jpg
  5. Bike Rack - Toy Hauler

    Hello all,

    We just moved into our 395M Toy Hauler for full time living. The Rig is great but one thing I have not been able to find a longterm solution is our bicycles. We have a full garage but we need to make room for our motorcycle and a bit of storage while on the road.

    My question is, has anyone come up with a good solution for storing a bicycle (we have 3) in the garage of a toy hauler?


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