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  1. Greybull, WY KOA

    As we were charting our course for the western loop (west of Colorado) we came across a little KOA in the middle of nowhere in the little town of Greybull, Wyoming. It was at a convenient location for our route and are currently staying here for a couple of weeks. Yes, it's kind of in the middle of nowhere but have come to find out it's a jewel of a park. Great concrete padded sites, FHU, patio, swing, your own propane grill and the internet is ~40 Mbps download/5Mbps upload. All services work great ...
  2. Maiden Voyage

    Hello fellow Blogger's
    I have received some spot on advice from some of you thank you much.
    This will be my 3rd unit 2020 GDRV Solitude 390RK.
    First time pulling a fifth wheel with a new F450 Dually.
    First trip from Brunswick Ga to Dunlap TN R&R Campground. Like y'all i been to a few campgrounds. I usually do reviews on as i really appreciate peoples comments immensely.
    If any of you find yourself in vicinity please contact me. ...

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  3. Gas mileage for new ford 7.3 liter engine pulling 5th wheel

    I am thinking of getting a Ford gas engine with 7.3 Liter 10 speed transmission (either 250 or 350) to pull my 2021 Reflection 303RLS. I wanted to stay with gas instead of diesel if it is economical. I know diesel gets better gas mileage, but this new 7.3 has some potential! Does anyone have some experience with Ford's new Godzilla engine?
  4. Hydraulic solutioning

    We're in a 5er with 6 point hydraulic jacks and three hydraulic slides (one electric slide) and we encountered a puzzling situation where our jacks would always retract when we pulled in the hydraulic slides, sometimes a little, mostly fully retract. Then the mid and back jacks stopped moving at all unless manually manipulated. Hydraulic fluid was at the appropriate level. Then the 5er would not really auto-level at all. All voltages good and no shorts detected. Many hours on customer support calls ...

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  5. Two Parks in Kentucky: Georgetown and Louisville South KOA

    I'm going to try to capture notes for two parks in Kentucky in one post...mostly coz I'm lazy.

    Georgetown - Whispering Hills: Only here 1 week
    Summary: This is mostly a gravel parking lot with hook-ups. There are some pretty decent spots if you are a travel-trailer but even then it get's packed on weekends and can be challenging to navigate with big rig.
    - The young people that checked us in (ages 14-16 I'm guessing) were quite friendly and helpful (but ...

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