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New Storage Spot

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When we returned from Florida in March it had obviously been raining (and snowing!) quite a bit. Our storage spot is at a campground across the road from the Dismal Swamp Canal -- pretty low lying area. The storage site is at a 90 angle to the paved road through the middle, but the area is very wide but gets muddy and wet. You can see where this is going, right? Well Dave was working on aiming the (little bit longer) Reflection into our spot when our 2WD truck decided to spin tires in the mud. Oh boy, we are almost stuck. Now I am swearing under my breath. Ok, I'll walk up to the office. Hey, he is trying to rock it out and almost having success. Sooooo.... I push as hard as I can on the front of the truck and whee, we got out, got it in the spot. Our spot has a bit of gravel and we manage to get 3 of the 4 tires off the grass on the gravel. Still too close to the split rail fence between spots to get in the door. I'm upset, I'm shaking.

We had a new driveway put in last fall. Although there is room beside the house, the combination of slope into the driveway and crown in the road makes it impossible to put a camper there, even with leveling out some of the slope. In Virginia Beach a camper must be parked behind the front plane of the house to the street. So it is either move (we like our house and neighborhood) or find a new storage spot.

So over the next couple of weeks, I get on the internet and then we ride by every storage facility I can find in this area. Some are really nasty. One looks great, but the paved sites are very narrow and it is some nasty traffic and construction to get there. Well, we find one that is a couple miles closer, major surface streets so still about 20 minutes from home, and only twice what we are paying. Plus there are only campers parked there, no old falling apart trailers that could never get on the road or old tractor trailers! Early April we moved to a new storage spot that is fully paved, angled spots that are about 12' wide and 50' long with optional electric hookup (for $20 a month).


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    I'm blessed to be able to park beside my house. We had one neighbor complain to us about it, but he just bought a 30 foot sailboat and parked beside his house. I guess he's okay with us parking our rig in the neighborhood now, along with about 1/4 of all our other neighbors. Our homeowner's rules permit parking a RV as long as it's as far back on the property as possible, and no one lives in it. They also ask us to screen them with plants and trees when possible.

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