Snowbirds for January

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The Solitude's packed, hitched and ready to go. Leaving Michigan for Florida for January, our first extended stay in our FW since buying it last year. Our goal is to be in Mims, FL by Thursday dinner time. We'll be heading south on I-75, want to make it to London, KY on the first leg. It's aggressive, but we can do it. Hopefully, traffic will cooperate and delays will be minimal. Wish us luck.


  1. LCBoyer's Avatar
    Good luck! Be safe, have fun
  2. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Have a safe trip and enjoy the warmer temps. We'll escape too at the end of Jan, but the trailer will probably stay home.
  3. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    We made it a little farther, Corbin KY. We're not camping because the overnight low is mid 20's and I don't want to re-winterize or risk freezing any pipes while driving tomorrow. Tomorrow's goal - at least Perry, GA and hopefully Tifton. We'll be camping.
  4. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    9 hours on the road but made it to Tifton. We're camping at the KOA overnight and back on the road tomorrow. We check in at Seasons in the Sun, Mims, FL for the month. Already enjoying the warmer weather here in GA compared to what family is experiencing back in MI. Bwah, ha, ha, ha. Uneventful so far but finding gas stations with diesel and large enough islands to fit the truck and trailer have been a pain. Wife finally figured out the new Garmin GPS RV model to locate truck stops. Flying J are most likely to have an RV island. Nothing happening for New Years Eve at the campground so we'll do our own little tv watching and rest up to finish our trip tomorrow.
  5. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    OK, we're camping in Florida for the month. We got here a day early so they will charge us a one night stay or we can leave a day early at the end of the month. Everyone seems friendly, shouldn't have a problem making friends. The activity calendar can keep you busy if you want. My Spartans won the Cotton Bowl with a big comeback, so that turned out well. It was kind of drizzling and humid today, but that's a lot better than home. It's why we spent the money, so we can get out of Michigan at least for part of the winter. In the "small world" category, we met up with a couple at a Flying J while filling up we met camping in Michigan last summer. They're going to Orlando, it was nice seeing them again.
  6. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Weather warm & humid, just like we wanted it. We're learning our way around, went to church this morning and pool time again in the afternoon. My sister that lives in Melbourne came over for a visit and dinner. I only see her once a year so it was a good time.
  7. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    You escaped just in time. We're in the midst of a temperature nosedive dropped into the teens with wind. Wish we were there!
  8. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Another nice day, ran some errands and getting ready for a family picnic on Saturday. We're having a one time birthday party for nieces and nephews to cover the year. This way we don't have to remember birthdays during the year. Gonna go soak in the hot tub for awhile.
  9. pauliwalnutz's Avatar
    Great updates. Really jealous of you. Hope you enjoy your month away from the cold.
  10. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Little behind in updates, it's been great here. Saw the rocket launch yesterday, that was neat. We've been in the pool or hottub every day but one. Many social activities here, you can stay as busy as you want to be.
  11. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Went to Camping World, Cocoa Beach to have an air leak repaired in the air bag lift system. Then an oil change in the truck. Then grocery shopping. Then it was pool time, hot tub time and yes a can of beer. Burgers on the grill tonight and yes another can of beer. What a great life being retired and able to use the camper in January.
  12. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Previous updates dropping off for some reason. Over past couple days have caught up with friends from back home we met at church. A nice surprise. Washed the camper exterior today, maybe do interior windows tomorrow. Wife cleaned and dusted interior. We do enjoy going to the pool and using the hottub, always in the mood for a soak.
  13. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Just got a good wifi and thought I would post an update. We've been having a great time while here in FL, visited friends in New Smyrna and Lakeland, been golfing, watched 2 rocket launches and visited Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center, and went to Disney Animal Kingdom. We've gotten together with family living in and around Melbourne, that's always a good time. Yet to do - see some Manatees. The Solitude is a true home-away-from-home, our cottage on wheels.
  14. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Went to Blue Springs park in Orange, FL. Lots of manatees in the spring fed water, including some babies. Very cute. We're on a wildlife viewing trend the last several days - spotting alligators, eagles, many varieties of water birds. The trip is coming to an end on Saturday and we're not looking forward to the ride home. Snow through the midwest and temps in the single digits, this is going to be a tough transition from 70 degrees and pool time.
  15. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Unfortunately, on our way home today. We left the FW in Florida though we're going back in March for some Det Tigers Spring Training baseball. For now we're preparing for arrival of two new grandchildren, one of each, both in March from our daughters. See you all in Lakeland at Joker Marchant Stadium.
  16. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Well, we're home now. The last part of I75 north from Perrysburg, OH through Toledo and into Michigan the road was horrible as we were getting 16" of snow. Fortunately we live off exit 21 and were home safely. On the way north we spotted 2 Solitudes going south, lucky them.
  17. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    Filling the truck for the return to FL and the Solitude. We're heading out tomorrow a.m. and should be in Frostproof, FL Tues afternoon. That's right, the name of the town is Frostproof and there's a terrific RV resort there. We'll be in the pool, play some golf and go to a couple of Tigers preseason games in Lakeland. Father-in-law is down there now using his time share and will join us next week, renting a park model around the corner from our site. Clear the way on I-75 south, we're coming through.
  18. TNFSolitude's Avatar
    11 3/4 hours on the road, all the way to Forsyth, GA. Should finish the trip tomorrow. Then have to call about the windshield, 2 rock strikes hit. One left a pock mark and would probably be able to polish out. 2nd actually caused a crack, darn it now. If that's the worse that will happen on our travels, we've got it pretty good. When we left home this a.m. it was 22 deg and we had to run the heater. By mid-afternoon in mid-Tenn it was in the 70's and we had the AC on. We're getting 18.8 mpg and happy about that, the price of diesel here is $2.65/gal, or about 30 cents cheaper than home. Without any delays we'll be setting up tomorrow mid-afternoon. Life is good.

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