What model Vacuum to put in the RV?

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I need to buy a small hard floor vacuum (stick type) that I can use on the tiled kitchen floor in our home and put it in the Reflection when we travel. I need it to work on both hard floor and low pile carpet. What do you all use that you are happy with? I had a small one years ago that didn't work out well at all so want to really do some research before we spend money for this one. Thanks everyone and I look forward to your comments.


  1. thompsons 369rl's Avatar
    We got the Orek XL combo. It has an upright and a smaller portable canister vacuum. The canister works great for the RV since it's small, powerful and has all the attachments including a stick attachment.
  2. GD350M's Avatar
    I seen a couple of units when we were looking at new campers that had the Dyson vacuum in them. I don't know what model it was, but they said it was better then then built in vacuum. I don't know how well they work as we have the IntelVac in our unit.
  3. Beauty&Beast's Avatar
    We have a Dyson cordless stick DC 59 "Animal". Comes with a plug in charger and mount that we use in the house. Called Dyson and bought a second charger and mount that I installed in the RV closet that is set up for washer dryer, so it has a plug in the closet. Vacuum was expensive but does a great job on all surfaces, including the low pile carpet in the RV. We move it from the house mount to the RV mount when we go on a trip, so it stays charged and ready to go.
  4. ACDW-Ottawa's Avatar
    We did the same as Beauty&Beast and it works great. The only difference is that the DC59 is named the DC62 in Canada. The power is already there and it's out of the way. We purchased a small shoe bin from ikea to keep all the attachments together. We have 2 small dogs, they don't shed much but there is still hair and other debris from them and us humans as well. The vacuum works great on all surfaces and it has a lot of power especially when using the "boost" button.

    I strongly suggest to install caps on the water pipes for the washing machine. You can buy them at Home depot. We had an "oops" when I forgot to close theses valves when de-winterizing. The Dyson got wet along with everything else.
  5. Togapg's Avatar
    We have the same Dyson stick vac... Have tried it out in the house and it's going to work great in our Reflcetion 303rls...

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