First trip with new Reflection 303RLS - getting the bugs out

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We are in our third day of using our beautiful new RV. The water pump quit working the first day, so had to find one in the Death Valley area (no, nothing nearby) to reinstall. Second day, the USB port has stopped charging. third day, went to hook up and the front stabilizing jack motor would not work. After several hours, and phone calls back to the dealer, found the fuse location and changed it, all is working good now. Not sure I expected this many bugs on the first trip ...hope we have reached the end...anyone else have similar problems with the first trip?


  1. Lingerlonger's Avatar
    I had the fuse problem with the front landing gear the day I brought my 337RLS home. I had read about it previously, so I knew immediately what it was. My dealer says it is common when the battery is low or if the motor is overdriven. I just keep some extra fuses with me. I also learned how to use the manual over-ride.

    Have had no problems with my water pump, although haven't used it much.

    I don't have a USB port.

  2. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    We've had no water pump issues other than it's loud until it has a good prime.
    The fuse for the landing gear, we have blown one or 3 lol... keep plenty on hand. Once you learn the limit on how far up to take it the fuses don't blow as often.

    You'll enjoy the 303, hope that's all the bugs you have creeping out.

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