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We sprung a leak in our Kantleak!

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Well - yes, it can leak! We were in Arizona for Spring Training and hubby noticed some of the stuff in the basement was wet - I thought perhaps it was from our big ol' mastiff running around and hitting her water bowl. Nope - that's not it! Hubby cleared out the basement, took off the wall and low and behold he found the leak. We called Kantleak and they are sending us a completely new system. Hub's will be replacing. The only think they asked is that we send it back so they can run some tests on it to see why it failed. Anyone else run into this??



  1. LCBoyer's Avatar
    I haven't a leak in the valve, but the inlet filter on my fresh water pump had a blowout the first week out with my new 379
  2. EDH Specks's Avatar
    talked to the hubby - evidently we don't have a liter on our fresh water pump - must be a 2015 thing. That must have been so annoying wit a brand new rig!

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