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Shortest Trip Yet!

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This might not even count as a trip with our Reflection. We just finished a kitchen/den remodel that included 3 coats of polyurethane on the hardwood floors. Due to the geometry of the crown in the road and the slope in the driveway we cannot put our Reflection beside the house. So.... on March 29 the low was predicted in the upper 20s and we had not winterized after our return from Florida, and poly was due to go on the floor the next day. We took the camper to the Virginia Beach Holiday Travel Park (had to have cable since it was still basketball season). It became obvious another coat of poly was going down around Easter weekend, so we scrambled for reservations and moved to the Oceana Naval Air Station RV Park. We stayed there a week, took the camper back to storage... 20 miles total so far... then spent another few days at Oceana. That is the shortest trip -- 2.5 miles one way from the storage lot.

We were so happy to be in the Reflection and away from the construction dust. You never really get used to the F18s flying right overhead, but they are neat! We got some great videos complete with audio.

Molly thought this was about the strangest trip we ever took. First we moved her food bowls and destroyed her 'food room', then we spent part of the day in 'the little house' and part in 'the big house'.

We are ecstatic about the new kitchen. The old kitchen/den were like the ones we saw when Jimmie and Rosalyn Carter were on a Food Network show -- birch paneling cabinets with black hardware, walnut paneled den, eat on TV trays in the den. The only problem is that we can no longer say ... you might be redneck if the kitchen in your camper is nicer than the one at home.


  1. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    I hope that long trip didn't stress either of you out lol. We go close to home just to get away and chill sometimes.

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