Camping with a 5 year old.

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We have been doing this camping thing since our daughter was about 7 weeks old. Starting in a travel trailer, we were pretty nervous. From being terrified of the bugs to laughing at all the silly things that would happen. There was always adventure to be had. Fast forward a bit, and things only got more interesting. Like her falling in love with worms at the age of 2. Kissing then and singing to them while they crawled all over. The last thing that Amy ever thought she would say, "Paige, don't let the worms get in your vagina". Oh the things that we say. It makes me happy that Paige listened. Fast forward even more, and our best friends purchased a travel trailer. Luckily they too have a son that is Paiges age. A playmate for the outdoor activities developed and parenting got easier.
Now she is 5 and Marky is 5 1/2. We take guesses on how long it will be until the first battle between the kids over god knows what. For the most part it goes pretty well. This past week Paige turned on the sassy girl attitude and was whining about everything. It has been the hardest thing about having a girl at that age. I am hoping it is just a phase but people tell us, "oh just wait, it only gets worse". PLEASE NOOOOOOO!!!!. We did another state park this week and it was nice. A little cold but with the room in the camper it made the rainy time much more pleasant. I am looking forward to a Jellystone over the next weekend. I am sure it will be a change of pace and I will report later.



  1. 2hams's Avatar
    Sounds like you are making some great memories.

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