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We are completing year #1 with our Reflection 303RLS and we love it. We do want to provide a kind suggestion regarding changing the light bulbs in the pendant lights. When we switched out the incandescent bulbs for LED in our rig, we figured it would go as smoothly as it did in the rest of the camper but sadly, the pendant bulbs over the island are a 'whole nuther animal'. After trying and trying and asking various techs how to do it, we finally resorted to cutting the wires at the base, taking off the globes and replacing the bulbs then putting it back together and splicing the wires where they had been cut. All's well now but it was way too difficult so we'd like to suggest someone in manufacturing take a look and see if anything can be done to simplify this process.

Now I'm an inch over 5' and when I try to turn on the bathroom fan, well it's next to impossible. So my suggestion is to modify the bathroom light switch to include a switch for the fan thus making it easy for everyone to turn the fan off & on as well as the light of course!

And finally, one of the big selling points for us was the beautiful bedroom with one drawback, no window on the left side of the bed (closet side). It may seem silly but I really would like to have a window to look out of so we suggest that a window be added to the closet side of the bedroom. We are going to look into adding one as an after-market mod but it sure would be nice if we didn't have to go to that work & expense to have a window...
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