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flat top and the Mrs. Epic Adventure

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Well we are in the 3rd day of our 30 day trek. We have had terrible luck with WiFi so I'm a little behind. Let's start off with day 1, We left Lodi Ca. for Barstow, drove approx 376 miles and arrived at Shady Lane RV Park off Hwy 15 in Barstow. It is a nice little park and probably was the only trees in a 50 mile radius. would recommend if you are traveling thru that area, it's very quite and shady as the name implies. It was 109 when we got there, thought we made a wrong turn and ended up in hell.
Day 2 we left Barstow for Las Vegas and had a nice drive. We were looking forward to our stay at Circus Circus RV Park, boy were we disappointed when we arrived, no grass, no shade, nothing but asphalt and 112 degrees, sorry Barstow, Vegas is officially Hell. We turned on our Atwood 13000 BTU A/C and it ran all night and really never cooled to down enough to make it comfortable. Note to self " Get a Bigger A/C unit ". Oh yea did I mention that the Vacuum pump went out on the truck and was rattling like crazy when we got in.
Day 3, pulled RV to my wife's Step Fathers house here in Vegas and dropped truck off at T & M automotive and they assured me it would be complete by end of business today, so looks like we are off to Utah's Zion National park tomorrow. By the way we really love the Andersen ultimate hitch, no regrets. Ok happy trails, more later

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