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The Arches and Canyonlands were amazing. I think I went into sensory overload, there was so much to see. We did stop at Dead Horse State Park also, not as large but just as amazing. We left Moab and headed east towards Colorado. We did make a stop in Fruita and picked up some peaches as wrp75_CO suggested. We continued along I 70 as my wife wanted to get over to Custer City and skip Rockie Mountain Nat Park. Stayed in Golden Co. for the night at Dakota ridge RV and then headed back out towards I 25. Loved all the flat roads thru Wyoming, fuel economy went up substantially. Rolled into Custer City around 6 pm and will be staying at Custer Gulch RV. We are planing on doing Rushmore and Crazy Horse today. Well just heard the Stock Market took a header, so need to check and see if we have enough money left to get home. Will check in later.
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    Arches/Moab is beautiful country. We will definitely be heading back there for a longer stay in the future!

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