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One of the things that drew me, my wife Carol, and many others to this site was the positive, supportive, and genuinely helpful tone of the members. There was a family feeling to caring about each other’s problems and questions with their new GDRV as well as with other areas too. You could count on feedback being courteous and respectful with at times a little playful jabbing and jawing back and forth.

As this small town site has been growing into a larger city, the parallels between here and real life cities (both good and challenging) has evolved as well. While the level of expertise, experience, and knowledge to help the city grow is a wonderful aspect, it seems as though the communication consistent with the objective of this site which is to “improve the RV industry, RV products, and our RVing experience” may be getting lost in the smoke at times.

When my wife and I found the site nearly 1 1/2 years ago, this key objective statement by Chris, the site owner, that this site was created for GDRV owners/potential owners for us and industry stakeholders to share in a civil, helpful, and respectful manner, really rang a chord. It was refreshing that it was not just another bash, bitch, and bemoan site too common for some to flex their digital muscles and add no or little value to the objective.

I have learned much from Tucson Jim (a key and major contributor) on this site. Jim had more problems with his 337 than most of us put together. However, being the man of character that he is, his positive, firm, constructive, professional, respectful, understanding, knowledgeable, caring, etc. type of demeanor demonstrated the right way to act and react to problems and opportunities consistent with the objective of this site. And as a company, GDRV appreciated all that and stepped up to take care of the RV in a huge way. I encourage those of you not familiar with Jim’s many threads and posts on all the issues he had with RV to read them.

Our world is getting too filled up with garbage (maybe literally too) that does nothing to add value to our and others lives. Thank goodness for a well-run and managed site with the objective to improve not only our RVing life but as we think and act with learning and caring hearts, to improve us as people too.

Thank you, Chris, Steve, and Dave.



  1. chris's Avatar
    Thank you. Very well said.

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