Holding Tanks

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I've had a 2015 Reflection 303 RLS for a year now. No complaints. After purchasing it I considered upgrading the level sensors in my holding tanks. I didn't want to pull down any more of the under carriage insulation then necessary so I contacted GD to determine the exact location of the holding tanks. They wouldn't send me the engineering diagram but J.D. in the customer service area described the location of the tanks. I have never gotten around to that project because the stock tank sensors are working fine so far. J.D told me that beginning just behind the front storage compartment where the battery is located, there is one black tank and one gray tank running parallel to the beams and another tank is located immediately behind those running side to side.

Does anyone know where the exit drain for each of the tanks is located? Most importantly, the black tank. Are they located on the sides of the tanks closest to the drain valve or at the back end of the tanks. The reason I ask is that if I camp at a location that only has a centralized waste dump, I may not be totally emptying my black tank as my Reflection does not sit perfectly level while hitched to my Dodge 2500. I've made all the adjustments I can to my hitch and hitch pin but the RV is still slightly lower in the back. Therefore, when draining my tanks without unhitching and leveling, I'm sure that I'm leaving some amount of sludge in the tanks even if I am able to power flush.

Thanks in advance for any reply.


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