Thank you Grand Design customer service!

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I want to thank the Grand Design team for all of their help. Without them, I am not sure what I would have done. To start, I bought my 2015 328M in August. The dealer spent about 20 minutes on our walk through and told us if we need to do something, I could find it in the Grand Design 328M book. I read the information book and realized it was a good source of information, but thought it was strange to not go though the walk through and show us how everything worked, like others have done. This was not my first new fifth wheel so I knew there could be issues, and I decided I better try things out to make sure everything works, with no issues. When I tried the furnace it was loud! The squirrel cage rubbed and make a extremely loud tapping sound.

I called the dealer and they wanted me to tow my fifth wheel to the lot for them to look at it. I mentioned to them that I am a full timer and would not be able to leave it. I also mentioned that this should have been found on the pre-delivery inspection that they did. A week later they came out to look at the furnace. He was here about 15 minutes and said he would be back on Monday (two days later). Tuesday I called and left a message, and an other, and an other, with no response from the dealer for another two weeks. The temperature dropped to 35 degrees, so I decided if I did not get it fixed within a few more days I would contact Grand Design.

That weekend we had over 10 inches of rain, and I had a leak. Yet another thing that should have been found on the dealers pre-delivery inspection. I left a message with the dealership again. That night, I sent Janice, in Grand Design customer service a PM. That message was passed through to the Regional service manager Greg, who called me the right away. I let him know the situation and he made a phone call to the dealer. 20 minutes later the dealer called me and gave me a mobile service repair company to come out. Greg told be to get a estimate, so he can get it fixed or if they could fix it that day to call him. The service repair company came out and found where the leak was. There was a break in the rain, so he said he could fix the leak now. I called Greg and had the repair approved. As it was being repaired I turned on the furnace so the tech could hear the squirrel cage tapping and hopefully fix that too, then it blew up! The tech looked at me and I said what was that, he said that was the sound of your squirrel cage exploding. I let Greg know the leak was repaired, but the furnace needed part. He must have called the dealer again because 15 minutes later the service manager at the dealership called me and told me he would be out in the morning to repair the furnace. Today less than 4 days after contacting Janice, everything is fixed!

I do not know what I would have done without the help of Janice and Greg at Grand Design.

Thank you so much for the help!
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  1. Cate&Rob's Avatar
    That's what they do. Over and over again. Completely out of the box WRT the rest of the 5th wheel industry. Glad to hear things are now heading in the right direction.

  2. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    I just love reading about the great customer service people get from GD. We have not had to use it much, but the little bit we did had the same great results.

    If we ever decide to upgrade or 303 we will not leave the GD family.

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