Thetford Aqua Magic Style II

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Here ya go Lily F. Was asked to put this on our website.

I was dreading this job - REALLY dreading this job. But there may be others out there that have a Style II and are hesitant to start.

It isn't hard at all and, truth be told, I should have been it done a while back. The Style II is made to be easily removed AND maintained. I have to say that the mechanical parts could be made out of brass or metal instead of plastic but the design cannot be better for maintenance. I ordered all the parts on Amazon and it cost about $75. Two screws to pull the toilet out- 3 minutes. Placed a doubled up rug on the tailgate of my truck and laid the unit down on its side. Watched the Youtube video on removing and installing the pedal. Removed/replaced gate ball arm after greasing with plumbers grease, greased spring and replace water valve and vacuum breaker. Replaced pedal- paying attention to placement of spring into pedal = 45 minutes. (Because I wasn't paying attention to that danged spring placement.) I could do all that now in less than 10 minutes. Set the toilet up and removed two screws from behind- turned the bowl counter -clockwise and removed porcelain upper. Removed/replaced the gate ball and seal after applying plumbers silicon grease. Replaced the upper and screwed the two screws back in. Pay attention and make sure you use the plastic washers first against the porcelain and do not over- tighten. Replace closet bowl seal and reinstall the toilet. BAM - all in about an hour and most of you could probably do it in less that thirty minutes once you know how. So the Style II is made to be easily serviced and maintained. Of course I drained the Blank tank first and I cleaned the toilet prior to removal. I used latex gloves but man, this was really easy. I am thinking maybe you should rebuild maybe every 225 nights if you use the commode like one does in the sticks and bricks. (OK..maybe I over did it with the plumbers grease but I always say if a little bit is good then a lot must be better.)

Some may prefer to replace this toilet with a different brand when these Style II's malfunction. That's feasible too since a new rebuild kits (4) were about $75 and a new quality toilet is $150 or so on Amazon.

So there ya go...if you have a Style II, get 'er done. It's not as bad as some people think.


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