Battery draining

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Does anyone know if the battery is supposed to charge when on shore power? I had not started my generator for two months. When I tried it today the battery was dead (1.4 Volts). It has been plugged in for the past 2 months.


  1. Cate&Rob's Avatar
    The on board converter (battery charger) should keep the battery fully charged whenever you are plugged into shore power. First place to look is the main disconnect switch. This has to be on to charge the batteries. After this, ask more here . . . we can help you solve this.

  2. 2butler's Avatar
    That was it Rob! When I bought the 328M the dealer told me to always leave it off. I was always wondering why it was supposed to be turned off. Then again this dealer was extremely useless when it came to my delivery walk. I had to figure out how things worked for him.

    Thanks for the help!
  3. Cate&Rob's Avatar
    You're welcome !
    Where's the "that was easy" button .
  4. 2butler's Avatar
    No Kidding! It is nice to have this page.

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