4 months flew right by

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We're just ending our 4 month stay in Fl. We're hitting the road Sunday morning. Timing for leaving is just about right, it's starting to get hot here. We plan on detouring to Asheville on the way for a few days or a week to catch some spring blooms and give MI a couple more days to warm up.

The 303 performed perfectly for us. 4 months and no real issues. No major parts failed or fell off
Up till now we had to replace the AAV in the bathroom (kitchen isnt to far behind) and I got in an elbow fight with the shower door knob and my elbow won. The bottom threads got stripped out. Teflon tape hopefully will hold it until we find a replacement.
The faucet is still working but the little rubber cover falls off. Likely will replace it before we head out next winter.
Our screen house met its demise during a heavy windy rain storm . Also had a big battle with the local fleas, happy to add we won that one after many weeks of fighting.

The park we chose other than being next to the freeway ended up being pretty good for us and the 3 dogs. Our site is as far from 75 as we could get so it could have been much worse. People are very friendly here, even the year rounders. For our needs it worked out well and so did the location. At first I was concerned about staying in one place so long and being so close to I 75, but there is so much to do in this area (Bradenton/Sarasota) we kept pretty busy. There are still things left to do for next year. At the 2 month mark I got that we should be moving on feeling, but lost it fairly fast. We decided to return to the same spot next winter.


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  1. LCBoyer's Avatar
    Sounds like y'all had a pretty good winter. There are some nice people in Florida
  2. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    We had a really nice winter...hard to say winter. Its cold at home, not to thrilled about that.
    They barely broke 50 today. We can only milk the trip home for 10 days, then real life kicks back in
  3. 2hams's Avatar
    Glad you had a good time in Florida, and wishing you a safe trip home.

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