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Like many of us, we do other things than camp. This past weekend I did one of those with my step son. My late father-in-law built several dune buggies back in the late 60's and early 70's. When he passed in July, he wanted my step-son to have the one that he built for himself, so this weekend we went and recovered it. While that sound easy enough, the plates on the buggy expired in '88 and I suspect it had been "parked" where it was since the end of the season in '87. After first trying to winch it out sideways I used the "beast" to slowly pull it out where we could winch it up onto to my equipment trailer. After about 4 hours of work, we had it at my step-sons house. Next comes the job of the actual rebuilding. We hope to have it back on the road by next spring.
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