Almost a year

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WOW, it's been almost a year since I posted in the blogs. We're winding down our 2nd full snowbird season in FL.
This year it's a 5 month stay and already booked for next winter. Many have left and a bunch of us will be gone by the 1st of may then there's a couple handfulls that live here all year.
Gary's getting the itch to move to FL and I have had the itch to full time. It seems we are in the 303 much more than the house anyhow...at least 3/4 timing now.

Can't complain, so far the 303 has treated us very well (thank you GD) without any major upsets. Hope that continues. We will meander our way north with a stop at Lake Powhatan for the first week of May then over to Crossville, TN for the Deer Run gathering then wander north and home by the end of May. Regroup and figure out where next!!

Here's a few pics from just hanging out at our site



  1. Greg51's Avatar
    We just picked up our new 303RLS, after this summer, we are considering snow birding in Florida this winter. We did a couple of years in a condo in Destin. But we are now looking at do this in an RV. Any suggestions on campgrounds in Florida?
  2. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Greg there are places to stay all over FL, what area are you thinking of heading to. Also the further south and closer you get to the Water the higer the cost.

  3. 2hams's Avatar
    Have a good trip, see you in May

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