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Reflection 311BHS newbies 😊

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We were always tent campers and bought our first camper, the Reflection 311BHS, so there will probably be tons of questions from us. What should we do for we buy regular residential sheets or special ones for RVs. Is the master bed a queen and what about all the other sleeping areas. What is the best thing to get? Do we get regular queen bedding and comforter set, etc? Our first trip is on June 3rd and we are terribly excited!

Thanks for ANY feedback and recommendations!


  1. SC99RV's Avatar
    If you have a "short" queen bed then you will need special sheets. A regular queen bed is 80" long. RV short queen is "75". Hope this helps.
  2. SC99RV's Avatar
    Of course you could use flat sheets on mattress and do hospital corners on sides like we did in military. We didn't have fitted sheets. That works but a little more work. ����

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