LCI Rear stabilizer broken

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Rear stablilizers will not retract, motor runs but will not turn screwjack . Works fine on extending. Can the motor be replaced? 2014 Reflection 293 RL 5th Wheel. Any comments will be appreciated. thanks


  1. Cate&Rob's Avatar
    melbin - It is quite unusual that the motor would turn in one direction but not the other. It is quite common for the switch to fail in one direction but still work in the other. I would suggest that you reverse the wires from the motor at the switch to see if this reverses the problem.

  2. melbin's Avatar
    I took motor out and tried reversing leads, motor will turn in both directions but only has power to do the job in one direction. When load is applied motor starts clicking or slipping. It is a sealed motor so off to purchase on on ebay. About 199.00 not bad.
  3. melbin's Avatar
    Thanks for your comment Cate&Rob, I had the switch issues and reworked the switches so they wont break anymore. I put a small screw in the center of the toggle that keeps everything in place, those small plastic brackets do not last very long. It works good for the front landing switch also. Thanks again

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