Out of Stroke Error

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When we are auto leveling our 2015 Solitude, 375RE. We're experiencing a "Out of Stroke Error"? Has anyone seen this error or have any suggestions or ideas ?????

EddieB Atlanta, GA.


  1. carnolddsm's Avatar
    It means one or more jacks have reached their maximum lift.

    System is only auto level within certain ranges. May have to place blocks under some jacks

    I've found side to side level is the most critical, especially considering I don't like it when the auto level raises a wheel(s) completely off the ground. Before unhooking I cycle through the display pad to view the side to side offset in degrees. If the side to side is much more than 1.6, it's time to add some pads under the wheels, and blocks on the jacks on the low side.
  2. Eddieb's Avatar
    Thanks so much!!! Were due to move in 10 days. I will take notice when setting up in our new site.
  3. Gold Country Livin''s Avatar
    I'm not sure on the Solitude, but the Reflection series (mine) had a problem with the front / back. Well it didn't have a problem, I did. There is a maximum of 5 degrees lifting then it shuts off (read the panel). I am assuming for safety purposes. So, you need to shim for front to back as well as left to right. My issue was parking at home on a slope and could not get it right so I needed to built a raised gravel area to compensate for slope coming off the street. In a campground setting, you would use blocks. I know the Reflection uses Ground Control 3, electric system, which is different, but maybe there are some similarities in the computer since yours is hydraulic?

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