Brent S

Imagine 2150RB FRESH Water Tank mystery fill

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Have FHU at campground and for some reason the fresh water tank is filling up. Noticed after 2 days water was coming out of the overflow tube. Panel checked and monitor shows tank is full. Selector is on city water and not tank fill. This is a new tt so will take it in for warranty work but wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar occurrence.
I opened the tanks drain valve to empty the tank and water does continue to flow but at a lesser rate after it "empties".


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    I occasionally look in the Blog area to see who's on a trip, taking a vacation, etc and writing up their travels. I saw your post unanswered after several days. Please move your question over to the Forum area of the site. You'll get a lot more exposure and certainly get some help. Your query may fit best in the Imagine section of the Forum.

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