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Kitchen Slide Screws Broke on Trim Piece 2018 303

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We are leaving tomorrow morning on our first trip in our 2018 303 and just noticed 2 screw heads on the kitchen slide trim are broken off. Should we just remove this trim piece and if so does it void any warranty. Also, if we try to remove it are there additional screws in the back that we cannot see. If we do not remove it, is it possible it could get caught up in the operation of the slide. We are not able to add new screws as we cannot remove the broken ones. The trim piece is not marked or scuffed in any way, just the screws are broken off and the trim piece and the bottom of the trim piece which is just sticky is loose. Of course, it is Sunday and tomorrow a Holiday so were not able to contact the dealer so any advice is really appreciated. I have attached pictures. Thank You


  1. TucsonJim's Avatar
    You'll probably get much more attention if you post this in the forum, and not the blog.


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