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Saskatchewan to Phoenix Drive

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Anyone have advice or experience on winter drive with fifthwheel from Saskatchewan to Phoenix? Looking for best route not necessarily the closest.


  1. dongeorgeson's Avatar
    We live in the Calgary area and have been going to Phoenix area for ten years. In that ten years we have done every route that can be done. There is no an easy answer to your question because it depends on the time you want to take to get there, sites you want to see on the way, weather forecast for the areas you are going through. When we are in a hurry we go to Ogden Utah then west to West Wendover, NV and then south to Vegas and onto Phoenix. We like that route because it misses Salt Lake City traffic and the roads are good and not that busy. This year we are going via Denver because we are going to spend a few days in Moab, UT before heading to Phoenix.
  2. Sask 379's Avatar
    Thanks I should have mentioned traveling in February. Others have said get on 15 it's the best winter driving other than Mandila pass if it's snowing. But if that is the case we can sit back for a day. Is it just the traffic you don't like threw SLC? Thanks

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