Losing a wheel

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we were on highway 5 near Mt shasta with our 2015 Solitude 321X. the right front wheel came off, all bolts were sheared near the hubs. Our mechanic had just replaced the backing plates and tourqed the wheels to 120lbs by hand. Has anyone had issues with bolts shearing? We are going to take off all the other hubs and replace all the bolts.


  1. Cate&Rob's Avatar
    A "sheared" bolt is usually a fatigue failure caused by not enough torque to securely fasten the wheel-to-hub connection. The movement in the wheel/hub connection works the studs back and forth until they fail with a fatigue break which is almost flat across the stud. Actually shearing a bolt from over torque is difficult to do and would result in a more spiral break . . . it would be more likely that the threads would strip first. So . . . the lug nuts on your wheel(s) might not have been loose this time . . . but they probably were for many miles before the latest service work.

  2. billkottmeier@gmail.com's Avatar
    thanks Rob,

    we only have 3000 miles on our RV and the torque was monitored and correct. I found this recall on the grand design web site, our solitude was built in 2015:

    NHTSA Recall Number: 15V-212

    TC Recall Number: 2015-154

    Date Released: 4/14/2015

    Units Affected: 2015/2016 Reflection 303RLR, 308BHTS & 313RLTS w/5200# Axles, and 2016 Solitude 375RE w/7000# Axles

    Build Dates: Reflection 3/12/15 - April 6, 2015, Solitude 4/30/15 - 5/7/15

    VIN Range: Reflection F3302871 - G3303180, Solitude G1104904 - G1104909

    Summary: "Tru-Ryde" Wheel Hub Stud Shear

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