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Recently, we've had several new members post questions in the BLOG Section vs. the Forum. The forum is usually much more active than the BLOG section and frequently these questions don't get the focus or answers that they would in the forum. I thought it might be a good idea to define typical usage for the BLOG and Forum.

Main Purpose of a Forum: Creates Discussion on a particular topic by encouraging comments from other users.
Main Purpose of a BLOG: Posting or content is the main purpose, not the commenting.

Discussion Participation (Forum): Forums are created for discussion between several people.
Discussion Participation (BLOG): Mainly designed for single user input.

Intent of a Forum: Accumulates group input and facilitates collaboration and group decision making.
Intent of a Blog: Personal accounts, news and reflection.

Responses to a Forum: Participation is explicitly requested by the poster.
Responses to a BLOG: The author does not need further participation to reach a goal - comment if you want.

Bottom line - If you wish to discuss an issue or ask a question, use the forum. If you wish to document your personal information or news, use the BLOG.

Credit - differencebetween.info

Jim - Moderator


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