Kota's Story

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Kota's Story

Hi, my name is Kota. I had a family that lived in Los Angeles, CA., but I lost them. The county people took me to a place that had lots and lots of dogs and cats. No one came to get me. The county folks said my time was up, two more days and I would die.

Then some other people came, they took a lot of dogs. They took me. I got to ride in a car that made my ears hurt, they called it an airplane. They took me to Salt Lake City, UT. There was another place that had lots of dogs. I went to a veterinary, I went to sleep, when I woke up my tummy hurt. No babies for me. The new people would take dogs to strange places where we could meet new people. That was fun. But I always went back.

Then one day a lady comes to an adoption fair I am at. I don't know what came over me, but I just had to meet this lady, I ran very fast towards her, she was watching, I jumped up very high right into her lap and started licking her face like friendly dogs are supposed to. The lady took me in her truck, I didn't go back to the place that had lots and lots of dogs.

The lady took me to a strange new place. It was a funny looking house. But we went inside and I got food and water. It was warm and the lady paid attention to me. There was an old dog there, Bandit. He was pretty grumpy about me being there at first. I was starving, I had to fight other dogs to get enough to eat. When I tried to take bandits food Big Ugly grabbed me and pushed me down and growled at me. I thought I was gonna die. But then he let me up, and gave me more food. I didn't have to fight the other dog for my food, they would just give it to me.

After a few days I am starting to trust these new people. They give me food and water every day. They play with me. They are very confused people. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom they are excited and give me extra food, sometimes they growl at me. I am really having a hard time figuring out what they want and why they are behaving so strangely when I go to the bathroom.

I got sick. I was around some other sick dogs. They had Kennel Cough. The new people took me to another veterinary, I was very scared. But nothing bad happened, they just made me take some medicine for a while. I am sorry the old dog got sick too. It was really hard on him. He had to go to a different veterinary, when he wasn't getting better he had to go back. They gave him more medicine. He is better now, but they discovered he has an enlarged heart, it's not good to make him run to much.

Every time I go in the car I think they are going to take me to another place that has lots of dogs, but they keep bringing me back to my new house. I was really terrified being a lost dog. I am so afraid of being a lost dog again I get really scared when the people leave. But Bandit is there too, he isn't afraid. I think if Bandit is not afraid of being a lost dog then maybe I shouldn't be afraid too, but I am . Whenever the new people go out the door I try really hard to follow. I am small and I can walk by their shoes and they can't see me. So every time the lady goes out the door I am right there with her. I don't want to be a lost dog.

One time I pooped in the playground. Big Ugly really got mad, he yelled and growled and started after me like he was going to kill me. I ran away, he chased me, I was sure I was gonna die, so I ran and hid behind the counter, but he found me and was stalking me, so I hid behind the ladies legs making myself as small as possible.

Big Ugly was still gonna get me, then the lady growled, Big Ugly stopped, then he left. I didn't go near Big Ugly for two days. Whenever we are playing glove near the fireplace in the playground and I have to go to the bathroom I be sure to sniff and sniff and circle and circle, they always take me outside when I do that.

So now I have been here over a month. We moved the house to a warm place that I liked, it was called Washington. It's not as warm as Los Angeles was, but it is a lot warmer than the last place. I got to go for a walk in the woods.

Old Bandit likes to lay in the sun and get warm.

I get to go for rides in the car, sometimes to good places, sometimes to strange places. I have no idea what they wanted me to do here.

On warm days when the sun is shining we go to parks and take a walk. Old Bandit has to ride in a stroller, Big Ugly growls some but he pushes the cart. Here we are at a dog park in Salt Lake City, I met some fun dogs that liked to run and run. I really like running.

They feed me every day, but I still worry about it some. Big Ugly growls at me if I get on the table looking for remies, but I am pretty sneaky, I don't think he sees me sometimes.

The lady is really nice to me and old Bandit, I get jealous sometimes, he gets jealous sometimes, but she always takes time for both of us.

When I first got there old Bandit didn't like me very much. He wouldn't let me get close so we could keep warm.

But later, after he decided I wasn't going back to the place with lots of dogs he kind of lets me share his bed, he's still a little grumpy about it, but then he's and old dog and grumpy most of the time.

Sometimes the new house gets pretty cold. Growing up in warm weather and not having much of a coat I am pretty sensitive to the cold. That's one reason I won't go outside to potty, too darn cold. But I have found a place where warm air comes out.
I know this has been a strange ordeal for me, but I am finally starting to relax a little. I don't hide nor fret about things as much. I am getting so much food I am gaining weight. I don't have to fight over food at all. I get to play. A big bully dog started chasing me at the dog park the other day, I ran right over to Big Ugly, he held out his arms like when we play and I jumped right into them. He growled at the bully dog and it ran away.

I hope I get to stay here. I really like this warm spot.


  1. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Great story and one adorable lucky little dog. It took about 4 to 6 months for complete personality to come out with our last rescue and she also had a few issues to work out.
    So if Kota is great now, it can only get better!! She'll housebreak eventually
  2. Steve7's Avatar
    Really enjoyed that story Dallas, it explains a lot. Have fun with the two!

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