James Callahan

50Amp Surge Protectors

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Anyone running these? I know the pros, and cons to them. Suggestions as to which brand to purchase?


  1. carnolddsm's Avatar
    Regardless of the brand, whether it is external or a permanent inside type get an EMS rather than a surge protector.

    A surge protector offers no protection against the most common problems in campground electricity. Things like mis-wired or badly wire power pedestals, and voltage problems.

    As to brand Progressive Industries has a good reputation. We’ve been using a Progressive Industries EMS for three years. It has saved us from low voltage twice and a missed wired pedestal.

    Internal vs external: when we bought ours the general consensus was external was preferable. If a surge occurs let the bad stuff happen before the surge reaches the coach. Since then there have been more than one reported problem with bad shore power cables and connections going into the coach. Unfortunately with the external EMS these problems are after the EMS.
  2. DaveMatthewsBand's Avatar
    My advice is to recreate your post in the forum instead of here, no one reads the blogs section.
  3. HawgWild's Avatar
    We sacked up and purchased the Progressive Industries model for the 50 amp setvice. I loved that it was made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee. Also has a nice lug to lock onto a box or conduit. To each their own, but ours has worked great so far.

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