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Tilted 5th wheel

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Has anyone had this same issue. I notice driving on the freeway, my 303 5th wheel is tilted to one side. I can see this through my rear view mirror. Its the same side as the entertainment, frig, batteries, and pantry are on. At first I thought it was because it was the heavy side of the trailer. I recently installed a 4 battery pack on the opposite side of the trailer, figuring I would see a difference. Especially after taking the two original batteries out from the heavy side. It is still slightly tilted in the same direction. Any thoughts.



  1. Cate&Rob's Avatar
    Hi Lance - This was a much-discussed situation on this forum a couple of years ago. The 303 and 337 Reflections both carry about 1000 lbs more on the left side than the right side because of the storage layout. Some have levelled their 337s using suspension blocks, but on the 303 it turns out that the left side springs are not as strong as they need to be to carry the additional weight. After a lot of experimenting and measuring, several of us have settled on the best solution being to keep the original right side 4 leaf 2600 lb springs and change the left side springs to 5 leaf 3000 lbs springs. This is the latest discussion of this situation

    BTW - discussions such as this seem to flow better and get better responses in the general section of the forum rather than the blog section.

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    Thanks for the reply. So you don't think the dealer is going to tell me anything is wrong with it. I think its pretty obvious. Especially now that I have over 200 pounds of batteries on the right side and minus the 2 batteries that were on the left side and the same problem exists.

    Thanks again.

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    Ok, I just read your attached POST and see my tilt isn't unusual. I will argue my case to General RV since I need to take it back in. The board underneath the inside edge of the kitchen slide came lose and partially fell down onto the tile in a few places causing tears in the tile. I have only had it out 3 times now. New tile is on order. Hopefully they will fix the board problem. Don't know if others have had the same experience.
    I don't have any experience when it comes to changing or adding leaf springs but I'm always up to a challenge if the dealership doesn't do anything.


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