Black water Tank Cleaning

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I use Walex Porta-Paks in the tank. The other thing I do is what I call a "Deep Clean". I dump the black tank as normal, then add a VERY large squirt of Dawn into the tank; I mean about 1/2 of a small bottle. I then proceed to fill the black tank to as close to full with the fresh water internal rinse system, leaving the dump valve closed. When I've got it nearly full I'll let it sit for about an hour to work on cleaning the walks inside the tank. I then proceed to dump the tank, and giving it a good internal rinsing when done.

Finally, I'll put about 10 gallons of water into the black tank and drop a Walex "hockey puck" into the tank.

Another thing I do is similar to the "Deep Clean", but I do it just before we get on the road. The movement of the travel will slosh things around real good, letting the Dawn do it's thing, then upon arrival at the next campground IMMEDIATELY dump the black tank.


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