Converter Issues

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Purchased our 2018 Solitude in April of 2017. Had to replace the converter in November of 2017. We now need to replace the converter again. Has anyone else had problems with their converters? Are we doing something wrong or just getting lemons?


  1. boyscout's Avatar
    Too bad that you didn't get any comments here. Have you resolved this problem or did you simply install a third converter?

    If you still want feedback about it consider posting in the Forums rather than in a blog... lots more activity there. Under Non Model Specific Issues there's a section for Electrical.

    My only contribution to your issue is a question: are you certain about the quality of the power where you stay? Is there a chance that a good surge protector might help you?

    What trailer do you have? Does it have a generator or generator prep, which inserts a transfer switch between the source and the converter that may need examination.

    Good luck (if you still need it).

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