2016-2018 Imagine 2800BH - 3500 lb Axles Tire Rubbing Issue

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I'm starting this blog post to document all the reported tire rubbing issues on the 2016-2018 Imagine 2800BH's (and possibly earlier models). These trailers came with the Dexter 3500 Axles and springs.

GD switched out the axles for 4400 in the next model year but as has been posted the weight difference from factory between a sample unit was only 48 pounds.

NOTE: This is a serious safety issue and anyone with a 2800BH should double check their spring arc and underfloor above tires for contact patches.


The original thread that this was discussed in (there may be an earlier one) was:


We have another thread showing serious damage and a tire blow out:

Flat springs on a 2018 28BH


Sample pictures from other GD owners:

Dave and Cindy:




Here is the progress of my particular issue and some of my posts:

07-26-2018, 07:36 PM

Well you can add me to the Tire Rub issue. I have a the Dexter Axles and the Lippert frame, made in October of 2017. My rubbing is so bad its gone right through the plastic and into the wood subfloor... and I've only been out TWO trips. Not amused.

Front Passenger Side:

Front Drivers Side:


08-02-2018, 06:48 AM
Ok back from camping and did some measurements when on the road. My distance from the inside of the coupler to the ground is 21 inches when the main frame (not the drop frame) is level (equal distances at front and back).

According to my manual for my Husky Centerline TS, I would need to subtract 8 inches from this to get my lower bolt hold on my hitch (when mounted inverted), that gives 13 inches.... There is no hole that low on the hitch when mounted. So I suspect that is another clue that my trailer has settled on itís springs (still hypothesizing here).

Could someone with a 2800BH measure their inside couple length to the ground when level? Curious to see the difference.

GD needs me to setup appointment with my dealer but they are over 100km away so that will be a chore. Long weekend coming up so Iím sure they will be closed service wise, will see what I can do next week.

Attached are pictures of my springs when frame is level in driveway:

Model of Axle:

We are out this weekend and I'll do a good check when I have the trailer level to see how much clearance there is etc (sloped driveway so hard to tell).

I sent a contact form in to GD on the Service/Warranty page with the info.


08-06-2018, 01:43 PM

I just did a quick measurement and with the trailer not level in the drive way (sloping driveway but trailer level) I was very close to 1.5 inches on the passengers side (the one with the most contact). Iíll make the trailer parallel to the ground later and take proper measurements with photos. So I might be right on the edge.

I took a new photo of my wheel well and it looks like the damage has gotten worse:

Going to email Dexter today with my axle info and see about the spacer blocks. Funny I had to do the same thing on my last Jayco 17z, trailer was too damn low and the WDH bars hit on everything.

Then Iíll look at adding the Morryde CR3000 and wet bolt kit just for piece of mind.


08-06-2018, 02:01 PM
Well strike one... Dexterís lift kits are for Torsion axle only, not for spring kits. So now Iíd need to find a spring shop that would install blocks and warranty them... doubt Iíll have much luck on that but will see what I can do.

If the CR3000 adds 3/4 than that would at least get me closer to 3 inches of clearance (EDIT: Pretty sure it does not).


01-29-2019 08:31 AM
Posted this blog post due to the most recent pics of yet another 2800BH with the same issue.

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  1. Thorvald's Avatar
    Well looks like good news, the trailer goes in today to the dealer to have new axles and springs put on under warranty. Will post more details once I know more about the new ones.

    If this all goes through without too much issue they will likely have a fan/customer for life.

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