303 with F-250 6.2

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Well, I guess I can speak to this thread (see my sig). I pull 8 to 10 times a season, we think that's pretty good for working full time and living in western NY. Since our family is close by, we still spend a lot of weekends doing holidays, birthdays, etc. together. Sometimes we resort to "meet us at xyz campground for a bbq to celebrate your birthday" if they aren't camping with us! Back to the subject ... the biggest concern that I have is that my gasser is my daily drive also, 12 mpg hurts the wallet every 10 days, consider this as you make your decision. My daughter and son-in-law pull a 35' 5er with 3500 Ram diesel. I usually follow behind because the diesel definitely out pulls my gasser uphill and I'm tired of hearing about his mpg. However, consider the up front price of a diesel (+$10k) and the cost of maintenance. I've had no problems with the torque with some of the campgrounds we go to, Adirondacks and the hill going to the state campground at the top of Watkins Glen that is usually from a dead stop.
I'm not one to be on a pedestal. Make sure the vehicle can and should pull your camper and don't take the word of a camper salesman. Do your own calculations and weigh in the day to day usage of the desired truck. It's not an easy question to answer.


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