Anyone use a Swiffer to clean RV exterior

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I am in a park with no RV washing allowed. Exterior is slightly dirty [have had lots of rain]. Has anyone used a Swiffer sweeper wet mop to clean the RV exterior? I currently use my Swiffer on the inside walls, ceiling and floors.

Want to try the Swiffer on the exterior followed by waxing. There are lots of RV cleaning products and advise out there but I could not find any Swiffer info on the gel coat. The dry wash systems are available but the Swiffer is really cheap.

The main Swiffer chemicals are water, 90%; Ether, 1-3%; Alcohol, <1%, and Ammonia, 0.03%. (found online). Since the ingredients are pretty low, I see no problem using it. This stuff is used in homes with kids and pets so it must be non toxic



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