Dead Furrion Fireplace

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Quote Originally Posted by VTX-AL View Post
Took our 2018 303RLS out of winter storage on March 27 to get it ready for new season and discovered that the Furrion 40" fireplace is completely dead , although it worked fine all last season, which was first season of ownership. There is no indication of power at all and all function switches on remote and unit control panel do not do anything. I removed the fireplace from slide-out cabinet and confirmed that the 120V a.c. outlet is good. I also plugged the fireplace into other known-good a.c. outlets and still does not work. I suspect a bad electronic control board inside the fireplace unit, and am wondering if anyone on the forum has run into this issue themselves. I have had no luck in a forum search. Note: this is NOT the commonly reported "88" code problem.

UPDATE and big kudos to Mark Arpin and Grand Design Customer Service

Even though our original furrion fireplace was past the original warrantee period, Mark Arpin and GD customer service sent me out a goodwill warrantee replacement fireplace. Unfortunately the replacement arrived with the glass front broken into thousands of tiny pieces. Mark immediately instructed that another replacement fireplace be sent to us, and I am very happy to report that the latest replacement arrived in great condition, has been installed in our '18 303RLS and is working exactly as expected. Thanks Mark and your department and to Grand Design's commitment to customer service.



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