Backup camera

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I have a 29RS. The pre installed power source for the Furrion back up camera was hot to the battery i e on all the time. I bought the Tadi Brothers wireless and mounted it over the center running light. I still have four top running lights and now the camera is only on when I need it. About $200.00 and donít buy the Furrion adapter plate.
Attach the monitor with Velcro and use the fuse power device for a clean dash mount.E8FFE3A3-5C6D-45C7-BA66-3EDC6A35C4A9.jpgE8FFE3A3-5C6D-45C7-BA66-3EDC6A35C4A9.jpgBF5EC275-3578-40AE-8A47-037BA79E29D5.jpg6AABAEBF-CDBF-47D0-92FE-ECCD935FCB28.jpg


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