Norcold - Is this normal ops??

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I don't believe my Norcold 2118 is operating properly. The latest example I have follows.

I did a bunch of cooking and was in and out of the refrigerator in the process. As expected, the temperature inside went up. The highest was about 50 degF. To check the temp I'm using a digital thermometer that is accurate to +/- 2 degs, an analog thermometer in a glass of water and another free standing analog thermometer. Occasionally using a digital thermometer I use to check the temperature of meat I'm cooking. I believe it's very accurate and measures instantly. I let the cooked food sit out to cool as long as I could before placing it in the refrigerator. I closed the doors and let it be until the next morning, approximately 12 hours later. When I checked the temperature it was 42 degF. It is set to the coldest setting of 9 and I don't believe that it performed a defrost as the latest defrosting has scheduled during the day.

From reading posts on this site I've learned that evaporating (?) refrigerators aren't the best but I think it should cool better than it does. On days when the outside temp is in the mid to upper 80's the temperature in the refrigerator barely stays at 40 degrees.

I'm really frustrated with this as I'm full-timing and need to prepare my own food for health reasons.

PS - the freezer seems to operate nominally between 5 and 20 deg. Oh, and I get the same performance on propane.



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