VA Beach HoLiday Travel Park

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Quick Review of Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach. I'll post the official review on but capturing a few key data points here:

- Big park, wait that's also a con, but there are so many sites to select from here.
- Our site was nice, with a patio, fire pit and almost enough room for our Tow Vehicle
- Awesome bike riding park, perhaps our favorite, you can literally get lost in the park plus there's plenty of external awesome bike paths - this is perhaps the best attribute
- Shopping, lots of fast food, uber eats and doordash all around
- Never met the hosts but the employees were pretty nice
- Indoor heated pool is really terrific, if you can find a good time to avoid the crowds
- We were able to park guest vehicles on the perimeter at no cost, so that was nice - we had family over that was up to 4 cars and they only asked us to move once

- Get ready for the "Sound of Freedom" - we're right at the end of Oceana Naval Air Station runway so decibel levels range from 65-120 (as measured on Apple iWatch). Sustained exposure to this level would be damaging but it's typically only for 5-7 seconds or so, pretty much all day long. I've worked on the flight line of US Navy Aircraft Carriers and the flight line in Norfolk (largest US Navy Base) and I am not too bothered by this but it's loud enough to drown out every other sound (conference calls, TV, telephone calls, talking to someone 1 foot away, anything really)
- The perimeter of the park plus some of the park is used for RV storage, so when you look out your window in any direction it will probably be looking at a really old (like 1980s) RV that has been parked here a long time and forgotten and since molded and broke down.
- Average turnover at this park was quoted at 120-600 campers, depending on the day, so there's always someone coming or going
- The propane refill is so very poorly thought out
- Some of the long-termers warned to lock everything up and keep lights on all night because there is homeless camp within two miles that case the park during the day and rob at night - we didn't lose anything
- Typically over 20 golf carts driving around constantly that like to test how loud their stereo will go
- Don't believe the amenities listed, there is one camp store, nice putt-putt and one indoor heated pool - nice. The other store, the game center, the other 3 pools, the food van, everything else are supposed to be under renovation but they are really not
- Having lived in 10 states and traveled to 39 others, I still believe this area has the worst drivers anywhere in the US, so many accidents due to carelessness
- This park is a favorite for locals as there are not many RV parks, so get ready for weekend parties with really good bass music systems

Hope that helps some of y'all!


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