Two Parks in Kentucky: Georgetown and Louisville South KOA

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I'm going to try to capture notes for two parks in Kentucky in one post...mostly coz I'm lazy.

Georgetown - Whispering Hills: Only here 1 week
Summary: This is mostly a gravel parking lot with hook-ups. There are some pretty decent spots if you are a travel-trailer but even then it get's packed on weekends and can be challenging to navigate with big rig.
- The young people that checked us in (ages 14-16 I'm guessing) were quite friendly and helpful (but there is no sorting system for Amazon or packages, more on that later).
- Good shopping 10 mins away and pretty Kentucky rolling hills.
- Even the "premium pull throughs" are just a grass patch, little patio, table and glider chair. Our slides were slightly over the neighbors patio.
- Receiving a package here is like an archeology project. They tend to write the wrong site number on the package (twice in one week) and there's no apparent sorting system in place. I just stood there until they found it and have the amazon app open to prove that it arrived.
- I pity the day that two large RVs meet on the entry road, it's very narrow, even unattached tow vehicles stop to let the other pass by.
- Wifi is good one second, fails the next - plan for a cellular back-up at all times of day if you workfromRV.

Louisville South KOA - 3 week stay
This is our second visit since our daughter is in college nearby.
- Nice park overall, pretty typical of a KOA, gravel, patio, table and fire-pit in the premium pull-throughs
- Lots of activities for kids and there are lots of kids for the activities
- Very expensive, $110 a night! Most we've ever paid for an RV park and this is not a primo location (i.e. Florida Keys). They kind of have you over a barrel, the only other RV park that shows up in directories is Metro KOA and I'm pretty sure it's one of the worst ranked parks in the this is it. There is a little park just south of here, called Grandma's RV that I'm suspecting would be a bit less "holiday" and less expensive. Since we're hosting a bunch of family members we're just going to have to lump it and find cheaper parks in the future.
- On day 2 of our stay a large branch blew off of a tree and crushed a car (totaled) in the park. Thankfully no one was in it or it would have likely been fatal. When the accident was reported (I was in the park office at the time) the response was that it was an insurance issue that the RV owner needed to deal with. The response was not "was anyone injured?" That's not really what one would hope to hear in that situation.
- Similar to the last park Wifi is very good one second, fails the next - plan for a cellular back-up at all times of day if you workfromRV.
- Toilets are rarely checked by the crew, even on a weekend they went from hall-booked to sold out...still no toilet paper .

Anyway, hope that's helpful. The whole experience made me think of opening up a new RV park in the area as there are not many options close by.

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