Gas mileage for new ford 7.3 liter engine pulling 5th wheel

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I am thinking of getting a Ford gas engine with 7.3 Liter 10 speed transmission (either 250 or 350) to pull my 2021 Reflection 303RLS. I wanted to stay with gas instead of diesel if it is economical. I know diesel gets better gas mileage, but this new 7.3 has some potential! Does anyone have some experience with Ford's new Godzilla engine?


  1. Foxtrot's Avatar
    Have that in a 2021 F350, with a 2021 Reflection 260, so far have only towed locally. Prior 5th wheel experience was years ago with a 1995 F350 original PowerStroke Crew Cab dually with a 5 speed. The gas engine gets it done but, does down shift on grades on local roads. Definitely know I am towing, I went for the gas burner because I do not expect to do enough miles per year to not kill a Diesel.and also DEP goes bad with age and then Diesel doesn’t work. Saw a Diesel at the local Ford dealer getting engine work done and they had the cab lifted off for access. So far about 10-12 mpg but again that is all local

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