Lots new, and I'm way behind in bloggin

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Last post was in Greybull, Wy (great little urban park in the middle of nowhere). Since that time we moved onto Big Timber, MT, then Spring Creek Trout Ranch, then Shyrock (Superior) MT - where we bought a permanent lot, then on to St Regis, MT (an even smaller town but awesome cherries), over to Warden, Wa for a week of golfing at Sage Hills, now we're in Mallard Creek RV and Golf resort. I suck at golfing but it's good exercise, especially when it's 100 degrees out . We've gotten Starlink to work at the last two spots (Shyrock and Warden, WA) but turns out Starlink is out of channels in Lebanon, OR.

The Starlink thing is new and it provides around 90 mbps download and 22+ mbps upload - pretty amazing but it takes some baby sitting to get the angle just right. If you are a golfer, these last two stops (Sage Hills and Mallard Creek) are for you. My wife is about to pull her hair out of boredom but it's only two weeks of me killing grass.

Next stop, the Redwoods in N. Cali...we plan to take in the trees and the beach for 3 weeks then run for the border (of Nevada, not Mexico). Hope your travels are safe and I'll get better providing updates!!



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