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My life and blood on the road in internet connectivity, it's my full time job and we've tried many solutions...wanted to share few of those experiences with you all:
- Weboost is snake oil, it is fakery, doesn't work in any condition, don't pay for this garbage.
- WifiCampPro - this does work in some circumstances but if your upstream internet is crap, so will yours be
- Cellular - TMobile has been our best connector nationally, relative to Verizon and ATT. Verizon has been mostly good but less coverage than TMobile, especially for 5G. ATT, we mostly hate you, but sometimes, sometimes, you are okay.
- Starlink - first find you an address area, when this works it's mostly amazing, I can stream on 5 devices, but MS teams rejects the occasional latency (it can go from 20ms to 2000ms instantly)\
- Camp wifi - almost always crappy but with the amplifier it sometimes works. We are in a gig fiber park currently and it's still crap...max latency, drops every 20 seconds, etc


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    I forgot to mention a few other options - Chevy/GM offers unlimited internet via onstar which I've used for conference calls and it works pretty well assuming you have good verizon signal. Setting outside of Starbucks or inside some 2-buck chucks deli may work....and lastly, both McDonalds and Arby's have great wifi if you have one nearby.

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