Catching up...Redwoods, Nevada Desert and Las Vegas

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I apologize for our long absence from the blog...we have been out trying to rebuild a golf game, finding a super tall Redwood, fixing flats in the North Nevada desert and trying to see a show in Vegas.

Redwoods in Crescent City, CA are pretty amazing, especially visiting Trees of Mystery down near Klamath Falls. A mudslide took out the road, they are rebuilding quickly but plan for a little extra time. Stayed at Crescent City KOA, amazing for tent campers, descent for RVs...but some great hiking even if in an RV. Temp drops 30 degrees near the coast and we lost tread on two Sailuns (one coming into Crescent, one after the stay heading into North Nevada Desert). More on that later. I never expected to go through Cali but it was on the wife's bucket list and it proved out to be pretty cool.

Due to Cali fires we had to go back the way we came, from Oregon, then over to Nevada. There is a lot of dry (literally the lakes dry up) high-desert country here and we lost tread on a second Sailun (first one at 4318 miles the second around 4500 miles). Not fun to change a tire on a slanted slope off the road but good training in case I ever break into Nascar. We continued on through Winnemucca and ultimately had tires shipped to Heber City Utah to change out all four Sailuns. I kept the Westlake G as the spare as I've totally lost faith in Vietnam-manufactured Sailuns, as many others on different forums have reported).

Viva Las Vegas - we ended up staying at Oasis LV resort and overall it's an average stop. All the things you would expect are close including world class food, gambling, e-bike rentals, UTV/ATV rentals, heated pools, etc all close by. Thing is that this RV park with a literal book of rules really doesn't enforce in the adult pool every day, trash not picked up so the high winds blow it all over the park, and noisy. In any case, nice little restaurant onsite, great park store and great staff there. Oh, and Blue Man Group was cool to see.

Off to Lake Havasu next and hopeful thoughts to a positive stay.


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