Trailer Suspension Lift

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I'm wondering if anyone has tried to do a trailer suspension lift by using a spacer block between the springs and the axle? I need to lift our GD260RD 5th-Wheel to accommodate a new tow vehicle. We are nose up in the front and I would like to be able to raise the 5th-Wheel in the truck bed 1 more set of holes so I have more top of bed rail to trailer clearance.

I have seen the lift done by using shackle extensions at the spring mounts, but I feel like extending the shackles is a bit of a weaker design as the shackles get a lot of side loading when turning and backing. So keeping these shackle points as close to the frame like the stock design is best.

I found longer U-Bolts that fit my axle tubes and bolt pattern, so I just need to find or make the lift blocks, which is very doable.

Please let me know your thoughts on this or if someone has already done this, what did you do?


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